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LERMA's Story

Celebrating our history, while preparing for our future!

The Law Enforcement Records Management Association (LERMA) of Michigan is a statewide nonprofit organization which was formed on December 10, 1993, and incorporated on May 25, 1994.  Our purpose is to bring records professionals together to increase their knowledge and efficiency. Membership reached 160 agencies in 2023 and includes dozens of city/township police agencies, sheriff's departments/offices, the Michigan State Police and the Department of Natural Resources.   

LERMA meetings are scheduled twice a year to assist members agencies with innovative solutions to challenges faced by records professionals.  Our website and email communications ensure that members remain abreast of ever-changing laws and procedures. In addition, LERMA hosts the annual Fall Training Conference with two days of education, professional development, and networking.

Member dues are $75 annually and are charged per agency, not per member. LERMA has proven to be an asset to all who have joined and is well worth the investment. 

Our Mission

The objectives and purposes of LERMA are:

  • Maintain the records of our individual agencies in accordance with the law and best record keeping practices.
  • Present innovate solutions that improve individual agencies record keeping policies and procedures.
  • Foster the professional development of our members, ensuring their work is completed efficiently and accurately. 
  • Connect our members, encourage collaboration, and share records solutions between agencies.
  • Promote promote transparency and accountability for the people we serve. 
  • Ensure our members are knowledgeable and aware of legal changes pertaining to records management.